My denominational background only acknowledges two sacraments of the church: Baptism & the Lord’s table.  When I mentioned discovering the “sacramental aspects of family life” in my previous post it occurred to me that some may not understand my meaning.


My understanding of a sacramental life is one that sees the relational dynamics of life with God moment by moment (do all to God’s glory).  Maybe you have read Brother Lawrence’s “The Practice of the Presence of God” or “The Sacrament of the Present Moment” by De Caussade.  These two fine works put words to our moment by moment life in God–practicing the Presence of God is, in essence, living sacramentally and vise-versa.


So, how do I experience and practice God’s presence in my family life?  Personally, I think it all revolves around entering the moments God gives us–like: getting on the trampoline with my kids, tickling before bed, looking them straight in the eyes when we talk, listening with interest to their fantasies about becoming the next super hero, helping in the kitchen when I’d rather be a couch potatoe…  Well, you get where I’m going.  And underneath all this chatter and splash of life is constant prayer…for their well-being, for wisdom in what to say next, that our kids will grow to love God more and more and of gratitude that He even bothered to give these precious lives for us to shape.


It means I need to listen more.  Listen for His heart in theirs and mine.  God give me ears to hear and eyes to see…