We are working our way through “Papa Prayer” by Larry Crabb with our House Church.  From the start I could tell this would be an interesting discussion. All agreed we needed work on our prayer life but the crowd was mixed as to whether this book could actually speak into the void. Besides, “we don’t need another formula for prayer!” I agree… But I think this book is a bit different.


Last night, as we bantered back and forth about the author’s writing style every once in awhile someone would toss a hint into the mix about their personal struggles. Eventually talked out, one brave soul leaned forward in earnest and said, “Maybe we don’t relate well with God because we don’t relate well with each other.” Boom! You could hear a pin drop. She went on to illustrate by pointing to her marriage and the time it took for them to actually connect at a deep level as they sorted through the stuff they use to insulate themselves.


The mood shift did not last long but it’s lingering effects left us more silent than when we came in to the discussion.


Maybe she’s got a point… Maybe we have some serious thinkin’ and prayin’ to do…