Before too much time passes from this past Saturday evening I thought I would raise a few questions for us to ponder as we move forward.  question2-724662

  1. At what point during our sharing did you feel most engaged?
  2. What was happening at that point?  Was it something someone said or did?
  3. Of those who shared, what would you have wanted from the group that we did not offer?
  4. What did the group offer that you appreciated?
  5. In the end, did we leave more drawn to God’s love or not?  What was most compelling to you – the chapter, video clip or something someone said?
  6. If something someone said was most gripping to you, what would it be like for you to tell them sometime this week?

By the way, Francis asked us what we cold do to remind each other of God’s love this week.  I wonder if it would be more natural and practical to simply speak into each other’s lives of how we saw God in them that night?  Just wondering…