I’ve been teaching through the book of Joshua in ‘House Church’. One of the more subtle, yet powerful themes the book seems to communicate is that God wants us to hate sin more than we hate struggle or pain. Achan’s story is a good example.

It takes time to rid the land of our enemies (think sanctification) and sometimes it is painful and fraught with failure. Yet, God calls us to remain faithful and persistent in the journey—because he has already given us the land (rest).

Hebrews 4 tells us Joshua was not able to provide the rest God promised because, there is a deeper, more permanent rest offered in Jesus. This is the rest we seek—not freedom from struggle but life fully alive to God regardless of circumstance.

When our understanding of ‘rest’ precludes struggle,  we’ve misunderstood the rest Jesus provides this side of heaven. We become pre-occupied with creating heaven now rather than enjoying Jesus and drawing others to the same.

As you ponder Jesus’ death, burial, and glorious resurrection, I pray you find more of the rest you deeply seek in him.