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We’ve been thinking a lot lately about our kid’s third culture-ness lately–especially since we’ve been researching colleges for Christian. With family, friends, and supporting churches spread throughout the US, it’s been a challenge to settle on a location for our college search. While Christian may like a certain school for its programs, the downside may be that he will not be close to anyone we know or that he may consider ‘family’ and visa versa.


In our search we came across a descriptive video linked here.

international student problem

For more on our kid’s life in the crack, I’ve put together a Pinterest board listing most of the airports they frequent, places lived, and places visited. It is still a work in progress, which they will begin adding to in the days to come.  Follow David’s board Our TCKs on Pinterest.


In my doctoral research I came across some independent studies on International students living in Dubai, China, U.K., and the US. In every case, the watershed of whether they flourished or tanked was the quality of their relationships: community. Really, it didn’t matter if the people were from their own culture, rather, they just needed someone with whom they connected in some way or another. Obviously, this is why campus ministries to International students is so important. But more than that, any ministry to re-patriating missionary kids is essential to whether they transition well into their passport country. My friend, Todd Corbin, is a good one to ask about this from his experience in developing such a ministry for Pioneers.


We would enjoy hearing your “life in the crack” stories. Please comment below or just send an email.