I talk a lot about community –not that I’m all that good at it, which may be why I keep talking about it. One day, I hope to get good at it. As I mentioned in my post on loneliness, missionaries are not immune to feeling isolated and alone. And, because of technology today, the world appears more connected through Skype and Facebook, which makes it easy to substitute face-to-face contact with something more like:


You may not find someone at church (a worshipping fellowship), or in their yard willing to chat over the backyard fence, but you can find them on Facebook. For all the good it provides, I can’t help wondering whether social networking hasn’t made connecting worse? For the gentleman who sent the following quote, it has…

“If I had days to live most likely I’d receive a parade of mourners and even strangers carrying gift size poetry books by Helen Steiner Rice, but because I am dying daily with a scorchingly painful neurological disease I hear the wind of silence, the nervous excuses for benign neglect, and whimpering attempts to connect by an occasional mass mailing or email blast. I think I’ll try the Elk’s Club for community.”

I may not be able to chat over the backyard fence, but I can use technology to stay in better contact. If you will excuse me, I have a few Skype calls to make.