This is just a fun fact follow-up from my post, “Expulsive Power“.

Screen-Shot-2014-09-29-at-1.44.43-PMIn another part of Thailand, a missionary reports a very different story involving a local shaman. In this particular village, the superstition runs deep. The shaman hold so much power that he sends out ‘the spirits’ to check on everyone and report back (yes, folks, this stuff really happens). It just so happens that the spirits cannot enter the homes of believers because of the 3 men with swords standing protection over the homes.

The spirit doctor/shaman is now complaining to the authorities to stop Christianity from spreading. He claims that “the goodness of their God is stronger than my spirits.” So, he wants the Thai government to stop this fierce Jesus spirit.


If you think about it, would you pray about this situation? Clearly the Lord is at work in Thailand and disrupting things for the powers of darkness. Thanks…pray1