Every summer, for the past few years, our family has participated in a conference for cross-cultural workers to step away from their work for a chance to receive. Over the next few weeks I plan to focus primarily on the conversations we had during those remarkable 10 days. So, to start, I’m posting some comments from a few of the 130+ participants.


“Our marriage, ministry and health were not doing well, but after the time at Breathe and receiving relevant reaching, good counsel and some very healing massages to help with chronic pain, it did a world of good. We feel ready to return to the war zone we serve in.”  – Couple S. Sudan

“Our kids had the time of their life! -Family from Madagascar

“You’ve gathered valiant people around you to minister to others. You’ve set out a Feast, and it was served by Kingdom of God people. And now we go out and invite others in to this banquet, because we have tasted and seen the Lord’s goodness.” – Single woman Jordan 


“The program was set up perfectly. It was like Goldilocks. Everything was just right. Just the right amount of music, teaching, prayer time, group time, counseling time, fun time, fellowship and rest.” – Pastor Hong Kong


“It was quite overwhelming to find out how much we have been prayed for.” – Australian serving in Ethiopia 


“Breathe is an important piece on the cross culturally journey in serving the Lord. It was the start of healing deep wounds. It’s such crucial care for being able to continue to work in challenging places. Every cross-cultural worker should attend something like this to prevent burnout and feel renewed passion for their work and faith.” – German couple serving in Central Asia 


“I have been to a lot of retreats. This is the first one I’ve ever felt actually restored my soul.” Single woman Arabian Peninsula   


“It was very helpful to meet with our counselor, share what’s on our hearts, to be heard and understood.” – Canadian couple serving in Central Asia