I received an email from a friend asking the questions below. It seemed like something to share with a larger audience. What would you say? How would you approach the questions?

Why does a person worship God? How do you do it?

Over dessert two nights ago at our house this was the question from our Thai neighbor, a young professional in his early 30’s.
He literally knows nothing about God and nothing about Christianity.
“Bo” (nicknamed after the type of tree Sidhartha supposedly was sitting under when he recieved “enlighenment” and began to be called the “Buddha”) follows Buddhist teachings, which he rightly calls “a philosophy that has no God.”
What would you tell this educated, curious young man who has no concept of the true God?
By the way, “Bo” condemns the common Thai religious activity in the picture below, which he says has no basis in actual Buddhist teachings….
worshipping Buddha.jpg
NOTE: we were quickly reminded it is easy to say too much…… and at the same time to say it in a way that sounds strange and complex to such a person.
We also learned once again that it is also easy to be so, so general that you end up saying almost nothing… 
We had about 2 minutes of attention span to answer “Bo”….

I heard the following quote listening to a sermon series by Francis Schaeffer in my years at Dallas theological Seminary. I’ve attempted to obtain proper bibliographic validity of the quote and have come up empty aside from variations on the theme.
“If I had 60 minutes with an unbeliever, I would spend the first 55 minutes listening and asking questions and in the last 5 minutes I would say something based on what I heard and based on the questions I asked.”
I also recommend “The Art of Listening“. The author offers a thoughtful approach to engaging people beyond just trying to close the deal on the condition of their soul.