surviveBack in May I posted a few articles on culture fatigue. More recently, I posted some of my research on stress in missions. I’m still editing a coming post on mutual care, which was the core of my dissertation research (it’s not easy jamming 50k words into a couple blog posts).

Today I happened across a re-entry blog discussing:

“8 Things I wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Moved back to the US”

I cried.


We are not returning any time soon, Lord willing. But it is a category we pray about regularly. Granted, the discussion fits into the “what if’s” of life, which have no real helpful answers. At the same time, many our age return for any number of legitimate reasons that have nothing to do with them burning out or opting out. Change is inevitable, especially facing uncertainties in donor support, parent health, kid’s resiliency, personal health, etc.


Regardless of where you fit in the missionary life cycle (missionary, sending church, supporting church, supporter, sending agency, team, host country, passport country, extended family, on-the-field family, leadership, subordinant), these posts are for you. They highlight a heart cry often unnoticed or unappreciated. They draw attention to something more for prayer–something beyond, “Lord, I pray for my missionary…” They give contact to our prayer and to our intention in supporting those we send away to serve in a distant land.