A work in Progress…

Marked by God…

walking with a divine encounter limp–though often acting as if it were not so…

Still…a man after God’s heart!

I’ve been described as a theologian, philosopher and prophet.  Not sure what I think about that other than to say those descripters do fit the direction my life has taken.  The older I get, the less certain I feel about most everything I arrogantly thought was crystal clear in school.  But I am sure of one thing (maybe a few others), I can do nothing apart from Christ. All else is just running in circles.

I’m married with children and couldn’t be happier about it.

NOTE: If you need my resume and descriptors like that you can find it on facebook or LinkedIn.

Some thoughts on the title:

In his book, “Finding God at Home,” Ernst Boyer, Jr. mentions one of his classes at Harvard Divinity School where the professor describes the life of the desert fathers.  Leading a life of deep commitment, solitude, prayer and reflection they gave themselves to what some might call a deeper life in God.  While this life attracted him, he began to sense an even deeper frustration–he was married with children!  “Was such a life possible with the commitment of a family?”

After the lecture, Ernst approached the professor with this question, “Is there childcare in the desert?”  “Finding God at Home” is his attempt to answer that question.

He concludes that the spirituality of the family is life at the center, while the monastic vocation is really life on the edge of God.  Life at the center (life in community) involves the daily care for others and entering the routine of family life in such a way that these mundane moments gradually become sacramental, thus deepening our encounter with God.  Life on the edge, like retreat, gives our souls a chance to catch up with our bodies.  Most of us, myself included, are not called to live on the edge of God.  Rather, we are called to experience Him in the center – the warp and woof of spouses, children, friends, parents and siblings.

This blog is written from the swirl of my life with occasional retreats into the wilderness where I might catch my breath… and soul.